What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

SEO - Search engine optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.It is an honing process which is helping to organise the (www) – world wide web that provides an Information, Services and Products and so on to users.

It is a process of making webpages/websites/webapps able to understand to search engines by adding meta information and other few strategies as per the standards specified by search engines and w3.org

SEO requires 3 basic things:

  1. Effort,
  2. Monitoring capacity and
  3. Refining.

What does SEO stand for?


Search Engine Optimization:

SEO is also the process of satisfying an individual needs of the searcher by quickly delivering content that is related to the search query.

SEO is the process though which the search engines should be able to identify

  • Who are you? (about website)
  • What you are doing? (what type of content it posting)
  • and why you’re the best at it ?.

About SEO

The main goal of the SEO is to improve your website ranking. So that the potential client(s) who are searching in online can find you easily & do business with you easily.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: SEO refers to methods and techniques that you can apply to a website to increase its

seo traffic

SEO is a process of adding some meta information to webpages so that search engines can understand your website properly and So, you can get potential and valued traffic.

Search Engine

Search Engines always tries it best to understand website/webpages content to its best. If a SEO to webpage is done properly search engines can accurately get know what a webpage talking about.

These search engines are very helpful to recognise something on the internet quickly and easily. For eg: If a boy needs to know about a movie theater address in XYZ city. In next, minute he will search in google or bing, and then he can get some sites at the top page in search engine.

This means search engines like Google & Bing stores a huge amount of data. It acts like a librarian of the internet.  Their system collects information from every page on the web. Search Engine helps people what they exactly looking for. Actually, every search engine has their own algorithm. Based on their specific algorithm search engine gives their search results.

Google Search Engine

Here every blogger or a website owner needs to know a thing is: Google analyse or Google crawls over 13 Trillion sites per month. At that time google finds your website and checks your site condition that means whether your website is in a complete way or in confusing state. After google checks if you site is in not proper condition then it keep up your site like a passive one. This signs that google deindex your site/blog.

Searching websites in google

Search Engine Algorithm

Based on Search Engine Algorithm, google or bing will give their search results according to the users need.

For Example: If you own a website the basic thing for you is search results. If your page has high ranking in a search engine then more people can find you easily.

Types of SEO:

Broadly SEO can be divided into TWO Types:

  • On Page SEO (primarily deals with meta information provided) – Basic SEO
  • Off Page SEO (primarily deals with in and out bound links ) – Advanced SEO (we will talk about this in a separate article)


Primary thing for SEO is OFF Page SEO which tells search engines actually what website is talking about. So for this purpose we need some ingredients, the main ingredients that are needed for a website are

  • Words
  • Titles
  • Links
  • Words in Links
  • Reputation.


Words Matter – Search Engine gathers each and every word on the web. This why if someone searches for something on the web like (eg:’Smartphones’). Then google results some web pages at the top which are having a word ‘smartphones; on their page title/content.



The title is the basic thing for every page on the web. Each page on a web has a fresh title. Search engine pays a lot of attention to page title because they often summaries a whole page by analysing title.



The third thing which needs very well for the SEO is links. Means links between websites.

For eg: when one web page links to another are usually says that this page is referring something which is having good stuff. A webpage with lots of links recommends a good one.


Words in Links:

For example, if a web page has a word like this [Flipkart has lots of latest mobiles]. Here the search engine treats ‘latest mobiles’ as high priority keyword to that Flipkart webpage.

In the above example search engine can establish that the flip kart is related to latest mobiles. This way when someone searches for mobiles that site where ranks well.

Finally Ultimate thing for a Site to SEO is, Always be with Fresh content & growing numbers of forwarding links that page will automatically rank well because user need a fresh and updated content every time.

Good SEO mainly depends on fresh & unique content.

To get high ranking for a web page or more traffic people need to follow some SEO Rules.