How To Edit Your Pics in Google+ ? – Best Online Photo Editing Software

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Editing a Photos using Google+

We have many number of tools are there to edit an photo like photoshop etc can help but  they seem a little overkill for simple enhancements  and the user take some time to edit a photo on this type of softwares.

There are some browser-based image editing apps like PicMonkey, Picozu (review) and the new Pixlr Touch-up, that works offline too.So the google plus is one of the best online photo editing using this we can edit our photo before we upload them to our Facebook or send them via email.

we can upload the photos in  google plus in privately.edit them in online and download them we have a better option in this is we can revert the changes after applying the different effects to your photographs.

To edit an image first Go to

Google Plus Photo Editing

click the “Upload Photos” button. You can now drag-n-drop one or more photos from the desktop to your browser to upload them to a new Google+ album.

After uploaded the photos click the done button.

Google Plus Photo Editing

Now choose “Skip Tagging” when Google+ asks you to tag any faces found in the photos.

Now you can Share your photo album. Choose “Skip” since we intend to keep the uploaded photos private.

Switch to the Albums tab and open the album that which you have added recently. Open any photo and you’ll discover that Google+ has already fixed, or auto-enhanced, that photo.

And we can give some effects by giving some Adjustments to the image.

Google Plus Photo Editing

You can either click Edit to manually adjust the picture nnd  choose More -> Download Photo to save the edited photo. If you want to edit multiple photos, switch to the Album view and press the ↓(Down Arrow) menu to download the entire album as a zip file.

The image editor inside Google+ offers  all the creative tools that you would need to Edit or enhance your photos.we can also use some boarders,Frames which are available in google+ to give more effective look to the image.

The most advantage thing in this is we might not have google+ account then also any user can edit their photos.

By following these steps we can edit any number of vedios and photos such that every user can edit their photos by using this simple technique.