How to Start a Website in Internet ? Step by Step Tutorial

Start your website in internet

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Start a Website in Internet

Website is a collection of webpages served from single domain(Website address) and is hosted on at least Single Web Server accessible via a network such as the Internet

Start your website in internet

Follow the below Steps To Start Website in Internet

Step-1 : Build Website

  • Here in this first step we should build the webpages of our website
  • To Build Webpages, you should have knowledge on HTML, CSS, Java Script
  • If you don’t have knowledge on building webpages , you have to contact any web based company to build your website

Step-2 : Purchase Domain Name

  • Domain means name of the website like for google website and for Facebook.
  • You have to purchase domain name from domain providers ( -Famous Domain Providers).
  • Domain may cost from 5$ to 40$  and 10$ is the most common price, we bought for 10$

Step-3 : Purchase Hosting Space

  • Hosting to your Website in Internet is like Hard Disk to store files in your computer.
  • There are two types of Hostings available Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting.
  • we recommend you to purchase Linux Hosting because it is economical and Fast than Windows Hosting but if your website is build using asp technology then you have to buy Windows Hosting as asp will run in only Windows Hosting
  •  are best Linux Host Providers and are the best Windows Host Providers.

Step-4 : Publishing Website

  • After Purchasing Hosting , you have to add your domain name in this hosting with the help of Cpanel which will be provided by your purchased hosting company
  • If you have doubt on how to add domain you can ask your host provider on how to do it they will assist you.
  • From your Host provider you create File Transfer Account (FTP) through which you can upload your webpages to your Server/hosting space
  • Use FilleZilla software to login to your FTP Account with the Username and Password  that you created at the time creation of FTP account.
  • After login to FTP account via FileZilla it shows list folders in your hosting space. choose the folder that is attached to your domain and then upload files to your hosting space.

Congratulations! you have completed Publishing your website in Internet. Now Open your domain in browser to see your website

Step-5 : Promoting your website

  • Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your site so that search engines like, can index your site easily and shows your website in its serach results
  • Create Pages in Social Networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and promote your website