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Guardian App by Microsoft

Microsoft India launches Guardian women's safety app for Windows Phone Microsoft launches a Guardian safety app for windows phone to provide a security for women...
Speediest SmartPhones of 2013

Top 12 Speediest Smart Phones of 2013 Speediest smartphones which means which have the highest processing power. Top-end smartphones boast sophisticated processors that according to the...
SkyDrive 20GB Free

Microsoft is inviting Windows Phone owners to activate a bonus 20GB of SkyDrive storage for a year: Microsoft is giving you an extra 20GB of...
CSS3 Button Maker

Today we are going see and how to make a nice CSS3 Button Maker with three different styles viz., Glassy look, 3d look and...
Shape Mask ANimation in Flash CS6 Tutorial

Learn How to Create Animations using Masking Technique in Flash CS6
Floral Logo Design Creation

Learn How to create Floral Designs and logos by this small 10min tutorial
circled portfolio with hover effects

Live Demo Today i am going to explain how to create Pure CSS Based Circled Portfolio with Hover Effect like Above, generally when it is...

Here, below video gives you How to create water color effect in Photoshop that looks like exactly as water color paintings.
water drop creation in Photoshop tutorial

Creating Water Drops in Photoshop Create Artificially Water Drops on objects like leafs, flowers..etc which looks like real water drops easily , see how below
create 3d Mic in Photoshop Tutorial

Creating 3D Mic in 10 minutes - Photoshop Tutorial This is the tutorial on how to Create 3D Effect Mic in 10 minutes in very...